To my readers.  You will never understand this post – so don’t try!

This is ONLY meant for the code-breakers!



Symbols = Cymbals

Learning the CODE.


THE STORY = Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass

Jamie Preston/Preston James = Mirror.   Thus Pacific = Atlantic.

The Island of Paradise/Angel Island = Little St. James

Who is the main character of  “THE STORY” ?   =  Little Jamie

Why does THE STORY always start in an underground TUNNEL = What always happens in underground bases/underground tunnels?

Repitition = Banging the Cymbals

(Who plays a cymbal only one time after all?)

What happens to “Little Jamie” in “THE STORY” ?

  • What happens on “Little St. James” ??

Who are the adults in “THE STORY” – Are they ELITES?

  • What kind of mind set do the elites have in “THE STORY” ?
  • What kind of mind set do the people who visit Little St. James have?

What EXACTLY are “the elites” after in “THE STORY” ??

  • What does “little Jamie” have that they desire….?
  • What are the elites that  visit Little St. James (really) after?

What is “little Jamie” providing to them in THE STORY?

Re-writing “THE STORY” = Repitition = Banging the Cymbals = MORE COW BELL!   Cow bell is like banging a cymbal!


  • What did the Elites think “little Jamie” actually was  in “THE STORY”?
  • What is the name of the song in the video above?

Which REAL LIFE actor in the video above is playing the COW BELL??

Where is this “SATANIC PARTY” actually taking place?

  • Who are THESE people in the photo above?
  • Where is the STANDARD HOTEL?
  • What is the “one thing” in the video above that Bruce  “DICK – IN – SON” wants??
  • Why is his name DICK IN SON?  Is that an accident?
  • “WHY” does he keep asking for MORE “COW BELL”??

Do the other band members in the video above really “get” why the COW BELL is so important?

Could the other band members perhaps NOT BE HEARING THE CYMBALS properly?  And thus not really understand the COW BELL?

Is the video above “funny” becuase there are people who just don’t “get” the hidden meanings?  Are there hidden meanings BEHIND the hidden meanings??

(Astral Travel is very REAL!!  Seeing things on an ASTRAL LEVEL is quite an advantage IF you don’t get caught!)


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  1. Gday Bradley,
    If we will NEVER understand this post how will humanity be able to break free. Why cant we even try to break the code(there is no try, do or do not). I would like to see what you are conveying. I thought you were against all secrets. You and the code-breakers had to begin somewhere on your journey of learning to cipher and decipher messages. Could you suggest where a person like me who would like to learn cryptography can go to learn to encode and decode. Is it worth my time here on earth to learn your blog in and out as future generations will be studying it. A leg up would be helpful instead of just shutting us out altogether.
    Sorry if I’m being too blunt but I’m absolutely sick of what’s happening to earth and humanity as you said you wont always be around (maybe me too if the situation isnt rectified asap) and while your here I would like to learn as much from you as possible!

    • Aron,

      Thank you so much for being a loyal reader. The reason this post is only for the CODE BREAKERS is that the subject matter concens things I’ve written that have NEVER been published anywhere! Specifically is a piece called “THE STORY”…, a fictional work that is filled with debauchery.

      Almost all of it is in code!

      No one in the public domain would EVER have access to this work…, and thus there is no way anyone in the public would be able to even try to decode it.

      It was (always) written for the code-breakers who have ability to access PC’s through back door means.

      A. Its a way to tell them…, I know you’re looking at EVERYTHING that I WRITE – Even stuff that I never publish by accessing my computers back door.

      B. If you are going to do that…, here’s some entertainment for you…, (all written in code) – so have fun with it…

      C. If you’re “THAT GOOD” at breaking code…., then have a go at this…, and we’ll see just how good you “really” are.

      D. They never seem to get it…, so I give them help occasionally.

      Shall we play a game?

      All my love Aron…, I hope this helps.

      • Lol, nice one. That’s giving it to em. Keep up the goodfight, glad to know humanity has someone like you backing us.

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