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The German connection to the Alien Grays and other off world “outsiders” came years before any contact the Gray’s might have had with the American Government!

It was the countless European (mostly German) men and women who were looking to go back to the “old ways” of magic – that were looking to make contact with the “spirits” – which eventually led to several Occult Secret Societies like THE VRIL, THE THULE, THEOSOPHY and others like The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the OTO – to seek out information from out of body entities!

Many of these “contacts” were simply with ASTRAL BEINGS who lived on an alternate “frequency” level that our human eyes can not see – but still exist!


These beings were NOT (repeat they are not) “Angels” – “Ascended Masters” – “Earth Guardians” or anything of the type!  


Instead, they were opportunists who knew of a human beings power potential for great emotion and feelings, and were desperately looking for any kind of chance to enter into “agreements” and “contracts” with them, which could then be used to leverage their way into having a greater affect upon our reality!

This “seeking out” and “making contact with” behavior that was being done inside of these occult groups inside of Germany and other European countries in the late 1800’s was seen by the Universe as a sort of “CONTRACTUAL CONSENT” to allow these beings to then “interfere” into our Earthly affairs – and thus gave them permission to have an “initial effect” upon this level of creation – a level where they had NO BUSINESS being, and certainly should never have been able to make any kind of real impact upon had then not be “invited” to do so.

It is all of the subsequent “treaties” and “contracts” that have been made – which the greater population of the planet is completely unaware of – that has almost lead to our planets complete ENSLAVEMENT and DESTRUCTION!

The “Gray Aliens” almost certainly had a very negative effect upon Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s – who were most certainly in contact with them – and seemed to have put them under some sort of spell or effect that the NAZI’S descended into a strange “Off World” and mind controlled attitude of Global Domination shortly afterward.

I mean – who talks like this if not some “Blood Sucking Alien” who wants to do an INVASION of our planet and take it over??

Most of the men in the SS and in Hitler’s inner circles were “into” Channeling – Seeking out Spirit Guides – and into making contact with “unseen beings” because they were all desperately interested in ASTRAL MAGIC!

Well, the ASTRAL BEINGS that came to them were the Alien Grays!

Taken from:


It is clear that the “Grays” fist made contact with Adolf Hitler and the NAZI’S through “clones” which appeared to be Nordic looking humans, (God-like beings that the Nazi’s were desperately trying to make contact with) but instead were cloned imposters – designed specifically by the Gray’s to have a “deceptive effect” upon anyone who might meet or speak with them.

The Grays – it has been discovered – are nothing but pathological LIARS – and could not tell the truth if their lives depended on it!

They wanted “into” our reality…, and the cloned looking human Nordics were the perfect Magic Trick at the perfect time and place to get the job done!

The Blonds you see on the same ships as the Grays, working with them, are hybrids, or they are clones.

One way to distinguish the clones is that they all look alike.

The real Blonds have distinct facial feature differences, and do not look alike.

The clones have thick necks and coarsely muscular bodies.

They do not have the ability to teleport or to travel inter-dimensionally. They can be contacted by telepathy, but are unable to send. They can be given orders telepathically.

They are zombie-like flesh robots. You can tell that they are of low intelligence by looking into their eyes.

The Grays are in fact a “sub-species” or a “slave-species” if you will of the higher Reptilian Order, namely the Draco’s. 


The first type [of Gray] is the short gray humanoid with a large head, and which resemble embryos and average about four and a half feet in height.

They are from a solar system that revolves around Rigel.  Rigel is a double bluish-white star on the left foot of Orion…

(Can anyone say:  ARI-AN/ARYAN/ORION)

It is this type of humanoid that is performing most of the animal mutilations and human mutilations…, made a secret deal with our government, and which was ALSO in contact with Hitler [Nazis].


Many people (myself included) believe that these Gray Aliens who are working with “Wakenhut” and the CIA at Dulce and at countless other underground bases – are in fact an early “infiltration” force that is here to prepare for and to pre-stage an INVASION of our planet.

The evidence to support this is almost overwhelming!


According to former Wackenhut employee Michael Riconosciuto, there is a direct underground connection between the Nevada Military Complex and the underground facilities near Lancaster, California, such as the Tehachapi mountain base.

Several people have come forward and referred to the subsurface as well as the operational ‘connections’ between the Dulce Base in New Mexico and the Dreamland (Area-51) Base in Nevada, as well as other connections that exist via Dugway, Utah and Page, Arizona.

If alien forces are intent on taking control of this planet, then it would be logical for them to target our major military weapons research and development centers.

This might involve the ‘infiltration’ of our military-industrial complexes and attempts to control the line-of-command through mind control of specific and strategic personnel.

The ‘deeper’ one descends into the underground ‘alien empire’ the greater the security one sees, and therefore the greater the ‘control’ would be in regards to this “…from the bottom up…” takeover attempt.

In many cases – patriotic Americans have become desperately caught in the middle of this ‘underground war’ between loyal American military personnel and Alien or Alien-controlled ‘human personnel’, as was the case in the Dulce and the Groom wars themselves.

“The only reason that the Grays have such a degree of dominance over you is because your elected officials stupidly made clandestine agreements with them, binding you to them in an exclusive alliance that is respected by other space races, allowing them to install themselves into deep underground bases impregnable to your own weaponry, a situation you must now find a way to extricate yourselves from-

Actual Nordic Blond – from PROCYON.

“Humanity is not about to be invaded.

Humanity is not in the middle of an invasion.

Humanity has been invaded!

The invasion has taken place, and is NEARLY in its final stages. Great invasions do not happen with thundering smoke and nuclear weaponry.  That is the mark of an immature society. Great invasions happen in secrecy.


However, because the Grays have repeatedly violated all of these treaties, they should legally be considered null and void.

In fact since the Executive branch of U.S. government was taken over by a fascist CIA coup d’etat in 1963 at the time of the John F. Kennedy assassination — AS WERE the governments of several other countries throughout the world where CIA backed military coups resulted in the establishment of fascist puppet dictatorships — should we not consider the Executive branch of government which made the ‘treaties’ with the Greys, to be null and void as well? – Branton.

More will be coming…










BIGGER FISH TO FRY – PART TWENTY – FOUR (Final Part of the Reposts)


  1. From your article:
    >The Grays are in fact a “sub-species” or a “slave-species” if you will of the higher Reptilian Order, namely the Draco’s.

    For some reason I had this kind of comment deleted. And I had a video attached to it.
    It showed your analogy in the image starting at 6:20 in the video:
    draco>grey>cabal>joo >avg. human.

    • Save to Win,

      I watched the video you posted…, (starting at 5:20) and all that happened in the “so called important video” you posted is that the video maker called into question whether or not the Draco and the Grays are even real and suggested they probably don’t exist! He called them a “conspiracy theory”…, and therefore THAT VIDEO has no place on this blog!

      I removed it (twice now)

      The name of this blog is called LOVE TRUTH for a very good reason!

      Meaning…, no lies…, no bullshit allowed here!

      I don’t know exactly what your “game is”…, and if I had to guess…, I’d say that you think that LUCIFER is in fact the REAL GOD…, just like the Satanists do!

      You can “justify” your comments here all you want, but I’ve been VERY lenient with you over the last couple of years allowing you to post many things I did not agree with or believe!

      I do read some of what you write…, and while some of it makes sense, most of it is just plain WRONG!

      I will always listen to and post comments which include a viable personal opinion…, but when it comes to posting something like a video that disputes verifiable FACT…, which I know to be true (from my countless sources) and from people who have seen and worked with the Grays…, and from others who I know personally who have actually seen the Draco first hand…, then posting a video saying it’s all conspiracy theory will NOT WORK HERE! NO LIES.., NO BULLSHIT. You may not think they exist…, but that is just FALSE OPINION.

      My suggestion to you is to DIG DEEPER…, and actually go out into the field and learn a few things.

      Opinion is great when it actually supports the TRUTH. I’m not interested in conjecture based upon a lack of real study and bad information.

      Do not feel picked on either because believe it or not…, hundreds of comments each week NEVER make it to my comment section.

      Most are just filled with HATE or RAGE…, and I do not post such things.

      Those people are trying to be very offensive and to create distrust of what I write…, and after a few attempts are banned permanently!

      • Here is a link with the comments I posted. I usually save comments that are worth reading.

        The one about the connection with ‘God’, the animal sacrifices written in the bible, the joo worship of baal and astarte and then ‘God’ punishing them, and asking if it is all ‘good cop/bad cop’ or ‘two sides of the same coin’, that comment got deleted. This was addressed to you.

        >I’d say that you think that LUCIFER is in fact the REAL GOD…, just like the Satanists do!
        Also I refuse to serve any false ‘gods’ and I dislike both the claims of ‘lucifer’ or ‘satan’ as real ‘gods’. Those come from mostly a christian culture. And I know the ‘terra papers’ arc, the ‘wes penre’ arc, and also the hinduism arc, which is older than christianity, and that tells a lot.

        My actual theory lately is that, with ‘Brahma’ as generator, ‘Vishnu’ as operator and ‘Shiva’ as destroyer/transformer (see? GOD – Generator, Operator, Destroyer), that, since Shiva cut off one of Brahma’s heads because he lied, I consider both ‘Satan’ and ‘Lucifer’ as inferior creations of Brahma. Since from Brahma, came generating, both of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Oh, and as a side note, in one of ‘Shiva’s legends’, he cut off the head of one bad father who ended up making his daughter commit suicide. Then, as punishment, replaced that father’s head with a goat head. And that would be a good guess of the origins of ‘satanism’ and it’s downfall. Also the origin of creation in hinduism would be shiva, vishnu then brahma. And Shiva is actually associated with Truth. I personally think Truth, Justice in it’s perfect form could be considered the ‘real god’ and also ‘Tao’ as it is, represents these values well. To make it simple, ‘Ultimate Truth’ is worth serving, studying and honoring. As for ‘Real God’ , well, that definition depends on what ‘God’ means for anyone. And if I go say, Prime Creator, well… the current Truth would identify a Primordial Being creating everything, and it would say ‘shiva’, but I wouldn’t count the so called ‘reincarnations’ into it, only the theoretical concept of Truth and Creation described in Hinduism. Because ‘shiva’ is considered Ultimate Truth, that would be why is also considered the Ultimate Creator. Well, the more I say, the more it will be biased towards this arc and I find scary a bit that the concept of ‘shiva’ being both a person and ultimate truth. It puts into question every being’s sovereignity and independence, and if it would be the Truth, it would be time to be afraid…

        So there, a more complex perspective.

        And I do believe in Truth, because I credit your ‘Declarations of Independence’ for actually saving my life from a dangerous situation I ended up with, thanks to the ‘bad guys’, if I have to say.
        Because I credit you, thanks to your help, for saving my life, I will try to help you in any way I can or am asked to.

        So there, my perspective. The whole Hindu arc for some reason makes the whole ‘draco’ and ‘grey’ arcs look like Child’s Play in my eyes.

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