A quick note to my loving readers about how I am running this blog.

This is NOT a news blog!

It is a “teaching” blog.

Every article that I write is carefully written to BUILD on all of the other past articles and then expand on these ideas that are already out there!

Every video that I post is carefully chosen to augment and enhance the articles that I write – and to expand upon the knowledge and ideas that I’ve already put out there.

If any article seems to be too “way out there” – then you can logically find support for almost EVERYTHING I’ve said in previously written articles!

Or previously posted videos!

I will carefully over the next few weeks start to repost all previously written articles and video’s on a new page called: OLDER WRITINGS AND BACKGROUND MATERIAL

(Changed to posts being labled – IMPORTANT REPOST)

so that everyone has a chance to get up to speed as to why I write the things I write.




(Q-Anon) – “FRANCE” – “Bradley Loves” and THE PARABLE OF THE STICK


  1. John

    thank you for yr great elaboration. Serious matter indeed and not to be messed with.
    Maybe I’ve should have copied NR quest up here, cause his quest got burried under new posts of his.
    Maybe I’ve should have copied his quest up here, which I will do so for the good order.
    Thanks again for your time and effort to come back to this.

    Here’s his quest :

    So, I’ve been trying to suss out this whole “scalar wave” theory, in the wake of the #QAnon disclosure, talking about the 17 second vibrations that “rang the earth like a bell.”

    We know for a fact this event occurred (as it was reported all over), and we know, because of the waveforms, that it was not a mere natural occurrence.

    However, I’ve been slow to “endorse” any kind of “scalar wave” based theory, because, frankly, there’s a lot of woo-woo out there about it. A lot of (seeming) cranks use it to advocate anything from homeopathy, to curing kidney disease, to controlling the weather, to free energy, to the Soviets weaponized it to bring down the Columbia shuttle in ’81. Basically, it’s in the same category as car engines that miraculously run on water! A perennial favorite of cranks and charlatans.

    Which is to say, trying to venture out and find good information on the subject as a layman is like trying to venture out into a freshly manured farm field. And that farm just happens to be planted on top of an old minefield.

    In other words, it’s a crappy way to go.

    Still, that doesn’t preclude there being actual, legitimate information out there, and in my travels, I was able to unearth a recently (mostly) declassified CIA file on scalar waves.

    It’s originally from 1987, was approved for distribution in 2001, before finally hitting the internet in 2017. (Ah, gotta love that Governmental responsiveness!)

    Anyway, I took screenshots of the file (which still has sizable portions redacted), but if you want a direct link (so the CIA can log your IP address, too), you can find it here:

    I’ll admit, a lot of it is over my head. But this report seems to indicate that, at the very least, in 1987, the CIA was exploring the possibility of them existing in some serious depth, and predict its utility as a potential scanning/messaging technology while also trying to reconcile that problem that has plagued physicists forever; reconciling quantum mechanics with classical physics (that is, the rules of the very small, with the rules of the very large).

    Extrapolate what 30 years of government-funded research along these lines can potentially produce in your own head.

    That said, if this whole Scalar wave thing is true, there are some serious… serious implications, from what I understand (which is, admittedly, limited) – and more “disturbingly,” they seem to fit with some of Q’s previous, more cryptic drops.

    What do I mean by that?

    I’m talking about brains being basically the organic equivalent of antenna, receiving signals from… well… somewhere else. I’m talking about collective consciousness. I’m talking about humanity basically being one big alien experiment in transpermia.

    And yeah, “Free Energy.”

    You can see why I’m very hesitant to talk about any of this; not only because of my limited knowledge, but also because I don’t want to send anyone off in the wrong direction.

    So, in essence, I’m open to hearing legitimate information from legitimate sources on the subject (and prepared for any “radical” conclusions this might bring me to), but I’m also highly suspect of what’s out there already and what many others consider “legitimate.”

    Clarification from Q on this point would be very nice… But I’m not sure he’s ready to give any kind of disclosures along these lines.


  2. John


    would you be able to answer NeonRevolt’s quest about info and refs regarding “Scalar Waves” ?
    ( if that is one of your expertises of course….)
    You can find his quest on Gab here :

    It’s his second post from the top starting like this :

    “So, I’ve been trying to suss out this whole “scalar wave” theory, in the wake of the #QAnon disclosure, talking about the 17 second vibrations that “rang the earth like a bell.”

    Thx !

    • John,

      Scalar waves are very dangerous!

      I do not really want to get into a deep discussion about them! However for practical purposes those who “use them” should know they are causing extreme damage on MULTIPLE LEVELS!

      Most waves move in a straight forward and linear fashion!

      Think SINE WAVE.

      Scalar waves move at RIGHT ANGLES to normal waves, which is significant “IF” you understand how “time” and “space” are put together.

      Waves that move at right angles to other waves have the “abillity” to bleed through to other times, dimensions, and realms.

      Thus, those who are using such waves are having a much larger and wider affect than they think.

      Let’s say you are “TARGETING” a human being with DEW’s…, (Directed Energy Weapons) in the here and now…, 2018. (Most DEW’s employ Scalar Technology)

      You are doing this because this human being is a “TARGET”…, and due to certain “whistle-blowing” – or “truth-telling” … that they have done, they have earned the wrath of the NSA/CIA.

      By targeting the human “subject” with scalar waves in the year 2018…, there is a HUGE possibility (very likely) that those waves (which do not act like normal waves) will bleed through TIME!

      This means that the TARGET is literally being “tortured” all throughout his or her entire LIFE due to the unpredictable nature of these waves.

      If the target was “born” in the 1960’s or 1970’s…, those DEW “WAVES” can also be “affecting” their younger CHILD self in the past…, or possibly moving into the future as well.

      Which means that those who are using such weapons have now penetrated TIME and SPACE and are GUILTY of attacking unsuspecting children who have NOT DONE A SINGLE THING WRONG!

      This is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME OF THE WORST KIND and is very punishable in every part of the GALAXY!

      Furthermore…, Scalar waves can alter or affect certain elements or particles that are part of the very fabric of TIME and SPACE, weaken it…, or change it!

      Once again…, we have 3 year olds playing with matches who will most certainly BURN DOWN THE HOUSE eventually.

      Scalar waves should not be used by people who do NOT KNOW what they are doing!

      • John,

        Furthermore…, due to the hideous nature of a grown man using these weapons on actual people…, and then unknowingly ATTACKING a very young child in another time/space…, the punishment is VERY SEVERE!

        PRIME CREATOR/GOD does not EVER want to see a little child tormented…, and those who do so…, usually end up getting destroyed in the CENTRAL SUN!

        This is a warning to all government contractors who are using such TECHNOLOGY…, YOU ARE 100 percenmt RESPONSIBLE for all of the affects/effects of what you are DOING…, (even in other times and spaces) so you had damn well better make certain that BEFORE you take a PAYCHECK for “doing your duty”…, you know what it is that you are actually doing!

        If by using DEWs…, and using it on a human being in the now…, You end up torturing a small child from the past…, (who has not yet done a single thing wrong)…, YOU WILL BE SEVERLY PUNISHED for that!

        The Universe has very strict laws!

        This is why TIME should not be messed with!

        GOD has time separated for a good reason!

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