By: Bradley Loves



The symbol in the image above DOES NOT stand for “infinity”!

For some ungodly reason…, there is a FAKE NEWS DEFINITION that is all over the internet that says so.

What you see above is an ANCIENT ALCHEMICAL SYMBOL!

It is “very old” and describes one thing that all of the Ancients had to deal with constantly, and that one thing is:   ENTROPY!

This symbol stands for: THE DEATH OF A CLOSED SYSTEM!




Thermodynamics .

  1. (on a macroscopic scale) a function of thermodynamic variables, as temperature,pressure, or composition, that is a measure of the energy that is not available for workduring a thermodynamic process. A closed system evolves toward a state of maximumentropy.
  2. (in statistical mechanics) a measure of the randomness of the microscopicconstituents of a thermodynamic system.
  3. Symbol : S
  4. (in data transmission and information theory) a measure of the loss of information in a transmitted signal or message.
  • (in cosmology) a hypothetical tendency for the universe to attain a state of maximumhomogeneity in which all matter is at a uniform temperature (heat death) .
  • a doctrine of inevitable social decline and degeneration.


The symbol above perfectly represents the modalities of ALL SOCIALISTIC SYSTEMS as well as the current DEMOCRATIC PARTY here in America.

Every system of thinking that can not sustain itself through logic, awareness, love, compassion and TRUTH…, (ie can no longer regenerate itself) must begin to EAT ITSELF IN ORDER TO SURVIVE.

The Democratic Party here in America is now in the early stages of eating itself ALIVE because it was always based on a closed system of stagnant thinking.

Such is also the case with Socailism, Communism, and any other model of living and thinking that does not allow for FREE THINKING and THUS NEW GROWTH.

The snake (or dragon) eating it’s own tail describes:  SELF DESTRUCTION


It does not stand for “Infinity”…., PERIOD.

Thus we get:



The symbol for infinity is below:



This symbol below is a bastardization of two completely different symobols:

  • Entropy
  • Infinity



Presumably, someone wanted to do a huge CON JOB on the public at large by giving them the idea that a snake eating itself could be an INFINITE PROCESS.

Entropy does not equal Infinity!    The two things are totally different.

Infinity goes on forever!

Entropy ends by self destruction!

That is why the snake/dragon EATS IT’S OWN TAIL.

That is why it is the perfect symbol for the CHURCH OF SATAN.

That is why the Democratic Party here in America is now fully represented by the symbol of ENTROPY…, they are eating themselves ALIVE!










  1. DET

    When I read Annas page today (Nr. 1684),
    I remembered this article above
    When she is writing that :
    “.. If, however, DOD issues a Credit Voucher to pay off Debts
    presented for payment by United States Citizens or Citizens
    of the United States, the net affect is to increase the
    US National Debt, plus additional interest. ….”

    This means that United States Citizens or Citizens
    of the United States, are only dead assets on one site of the
    ledger and there can be no offsetting take place, its only..
    increases the US National Debt . this means,
    The SNAKE eating it’s tail.
    (Keep in mind, the US is a corporation)

    A balance of the ledger can only happen when the other
    site of it will be effected and this means only the
    living People (American Nationals) can solve the problem ….
    (this means …out of the ENTROPY)

    • Thank you for proving my point! You have (proven) probably – without wanting to – exactly WHO is behind the FAKE INTERPRETATION OF THIS SYMBOL.

      The “Illuminati” can not be trusted as far as you can THROW a house! A collection of KNOWN LIARS – DECIVERS – AND LUCIFERIANS…, they are a group of people who have openly stated that “TRUTH” is only for the adepts!

      WHY would they ever post a “symbol” and give you it’s true meaning.

      I STAND FIRMLY by what I wrote: The SNAKE eating it’s tail is ENTROPY…, the DEATH OF A CLOSED SYSTEM! Once all of the food (read energy) is gone from the system…, then the snake MUST start eating itself to survive…, until even the snake itself DIES!

      Look at the Financial System created by the FEDERAL RESERVE…, which is now a house of cards so huge…, the only way it can survive is by EATING ITSELF!

      Why do you think “pension funds” are now being stolen by the BANKS? They are eating their own products…, eating their own tails…, as they self destruct!

      The world wide financial system (a closed system) reaching maximum ENTROPY…, now SELF destructs.


      • Our community “Loves” you Brad…

        I just said it’s a synchronicity that I have this post more concentrated attention as I saw that other one earlier today… And as of “Illuminati Official”, I just follow them to observe that they serve….

        I follow you from years and you know, I am High on IQ+EQ, you would know whom I Resonate with…

        Yours Truly

  2. Is the infinity symbol be related to the analemma
    And why is the ancient symbol for life (Ankh) embedded inside of it?

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