By: Bradley Loves


The tree grows from the roots up!   It comes as a result of a single seed.  Truth be told, everything the tree will ever be, is held inside the seed long before we see the tree!

Long ago, I gave a huge “hint” to the TIME TRAVELERS and the “good military” on this world.

I wrote a tiny piece that was really more like a chart!   And, funnily enough, once you have a “chart” in your possession (if you are a navigator), then you can “chart” a course!

The chart was simple – and it was called: HOW CHILDREN SHOULD BE TAUGHT!

That chart appears here as a repost:


If you do…, then you have not been paying much attention to Q – Anon!  There are NO accidents and NO co-incidences in what I write…, NONE!

(Seek out the very first day that I wrote this “chart” – and you’ll see something interesting!)

The last part of the chart before the application level was this:

Master Level: (Age 16 to Age 20)

  1. Time/Space Theory and Practice
  2. Portals and Vortexes (Displacement Issues)
  3. Wave Guides and Keyholes
  4. Inter-dimensional Travel and Hidden Doorways
  5. Reality Bending and Universal Quotients
  6. Astro-Physical Phenomenon and Celestial Mechanics
  7. Healing and Body Regeneration

Now, I may not be the smartest tool in the shed, but I know one thing for certain, and that is that THIS paragraph above drew the undivided attention  and “intense scrutiny” of some very important people in Academia and Industry!

The questions on their minds were:

  • Is all of this really possible?
  • If so…, HOW do we get there?
  • How can “WE” who are living on the Earth begin to engage in something as massive as Celestial Mechanics just like the Ancients did?

So in the paragraph above in quotation…, we are looking at the FRUIT and the upper branches of a huge tree!  But…, all anyone has to do is look really closely at “The Chart” in order to see what the seed was!

Simple, concise, direct, straight forward…, sublime!

(Some day…, just one “scientist” out there is going to humble himself in front of his highly educated peers, and admit that I know what I’m talking about.)

The very first paragraph of the “chart” is the SEED for the rest of the tree!

Junior Level: (Age 4 to Age 8)

  1. Magnetics
  2. Harmonics
  3. Base Mathematics (includes simple Geometry)


Now for those who want to learn how to do ANYTHING on the highest level of the chart, you have to RESPECT THE SEED!

The seed contains everything that the entire chart needs!

Was this too difficult for you “PHD’s” to understand?  Did this go right over your “highly paid” heads?   Were even the most BRILLIANT scientists among you stumped?  If so, WHY?

You get paid millions in grants for what you do…, I get paid NOTHING…, and I give this stuff away for FREE!   Kinda makes me wonder if you people even deserve your damn “paychecks” (which you sadly use to help ENSLAVE the rest of us) and what’s worse, continue to act as if it does not matter.

I have said over and over again, that the “building blocks” of reality are these THREE simple things!    They are literally “The Seed”!

Furthermore, (getting back to the crucial idea of a seed) every single thing that you really needed to know about creating “reality” was placed conspicuously into THE TRIUMPHANT – PART ONE…, and you simply missed it!

I could spend the next 15 segments of this vital series trying to explain what was sitting right there in front of your eyes in PART ONE, and sadly some of the most highly paid people on Earth, who have TEN University degrees…, would STILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE IT!

The most significant part was this:

This becomes all too clear when you finally understand that “matter” is the very stuff of creation, while the “human mind” is the builder and the organizer of all possible versions of creation!

We did not put the colored rocks into the toy (GOD – our loving FATHER did that) – we just tu(r)ned the wheel!

Mind is the software, Matter is the data being organized into the “field”.

So, Let’s go back to the analogy of the Kaleidoscope!

In this case “matter” would be all of the fancy colored rocks inside of the drum that can be turned…, and your “mind” would literally be “your hand” or the “magnetic force” that shifts and organizes that “matter” into a viewable image!

Now…, add into the mix all of your very powerful emotions – which I have consistently defined in other writings as – “energy in motion” – and you will suddenly have a much more powerful charge or discharge (polarity) getting sent out onto the blank screen of our REALITY – and thus these far more powerful “magnetic charges” will have a much greater real time effect upon whatever it is that is being “observed”.


The TRUTH is that only GOD gives you “sight”.

Can you understand this?  SEEING comes directly from GOD, and no other!   And if you deny GOD, then you deny sight…, and thus you can NOT SEE!

Three years olds have MORE SIGHT than some grown men and women with 30 years of an advanced college education…, only because these adults actively deny GOD!

What is really telling here is that NOT A SINGLE NEW AGER…, nor any prominent CHRISTIAN for that matter – ever re-posts a single thing that I write!  They never call attention to my blog, nor do they talk about what I write!

Since they DENY what I write…, and thus deny what I know…, they are denying THE TRUTH!

It is quite clear that “They” collectively have no SIGHT – and thus they can not see!

So WHY then would you as a seeker of TRUTH ever want to listen to any of them?

This will not last forever however.

Within a decade – many people who were the most visible in the DISCLOSURE MOVEMENT will be forced to draw their attention to my writings!

They can not deny them forever!   As they open their eyes and finally SEE what is out there…, they will “see” that I already wrote about it a decade or more earlier!  And, the frosting on the cake will be when they are forced to admit that I wrote this stuff many years EARLIER!

They will finally be forced to admit that much of what I wrote is very accurate and that they actually IGNORED MY BLOG for a long time because they could not see the truth of  what I wrote at first.

They will also be forced to “admit” that they made many mistakes in mis-leading the general public only because they were basically being blinded by their own private DENIAL OF GOD OUR LOVING FATHER.


When you DENY GOD OUR LOVING FATHER…, you deny HIS SIGHT.  Only HIS sight – allows you to see THE TRUTH with perfectly clarity.




Or…, we could say that everything IS matter.  Both statements are accurate and both statements take you to the same conclusion!

Mind is the software, MATTER is the data being organized into the FIELD.


The Luciferians think that there is “TRUTH” outside of GOD!  They are deluding themselves only because they continue to disobey HIM.

They continue to have desires that are outside of GODS WILL – and so therefore they seek a way to have these desires as if GOD  is a non important factor in the calculation for their faulty equation!


Every single secret society, every secret club, every group, every dark plan and every despicable machination comes directly from their desire to HAVE WHAT GOES AGAINST GOD’S WILL!

When you seek what you must not seek, and desire to have what you can not have…, THIS BLINDS YOU TO THE TRUTH.


Every single building project starts with a STRONG FOUNDATION!

If you are building a Skyscraper…, then you must first dig deep underground and put in the BASE that will hold up the super structure!  Every builder knows this!

Because our “reality” was built on a very weak foundation…, THE LIES OF THE SATANISTS…, then the building can NOT STAND!

No EMPIRE and no REALITY can stand on weakness, and there is nothing weaker than DECEPTION!

Deception is a house of cards – and it will fall in the slightest breeze!


The only thing that can truly LAST is a Society and a Structure built on the TRUTH…, because that Society and that REALITY is built on a very SOLID FOUNDATION!

Think deeply on this…, SAVE YOU IT CAN….

Stay tuned for PART FIFTEEN…..







  1. megan

    And also, sadly too, is the peoples own blind foolishness in trusting the evil ones and trying to destroy anyone or anything else that contradicts their own misguided beliefs. It is true that few will enter through the narrow gate of wisdom and that the many will pass through the wide gate to their own destruction. As this great separation progresses it becomes clear that the majority will not make it into a higher consciousness level of being but will instead devolve into a cycle of death and destruction.

  2. megan

    A really straightforward breakdown of the direction we need to go in to evolve and heal ourselves and our beautiful planet. But sadly the so called “Scientists” of this world would only use this information to invert it for nefarious purposes even more than they already have abused every other resource on this earth. Their eyes are blinded to truth and reason for they have prostituted themselves before the dark rulers of this world for fame and fortune.

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